Thursday, 14 June 2012

"Planting the Seed" and Alley Gardening

Another great turnout at Tuesday's meeting, including some new faces - thanks to everyone who made it! Lots of exciting ideas were shared and plans for our first community event on Saturday 30th June are coming along nicely. Save the date and watch this space for further information about our 'Planting the Seed' day...

A team of members led by Matt are also working on a funding application for alley gardening projects. Have a look at these plans for inspiration (click first image for link to full-sized PDF version):

The proposals will be on display at McFresh and - hopefully - some of our other local businesses over the next couple of weeks so that members of our community who can't get online can get involved easily. If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to post below - we'd love to make the alleys welcoming green spaces where all members of our community can feel at home.

Full minutes of the meeting will follow shortly.

Jo L