Thursday, 14 July 2016

Reporting Speeding and Anti-Social Behaviour

We have been encouraged to report speeding to the Police, on 101, especially along Bowes Street, as a larger record of incidents can give a better picture of the issue and could result in a changes in the area to make it safer for everyone.

Anti-social behaviour should also be reported to the Police, on 101 in most cases, but call 999 if there is violence or a danger to life, or if a crime is in progress. 

Keep a note of the incident number they give you.

The police recommend that if you are a witness to an incident, do not get involved, record the incident if you can, but to return to your home and report it to the Police, and not to engage in the situation.

For more information, please see this previous post

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Alley Clean Up Event this Sunday 17th July - Hartington/Beresford

Bowes Street Bus Station - Housing Development

At our recent Residents' Association meeting, the future plans for development of the Bowes Street Bus Station site were discussed.

This development will make a big change to the neighbourhood and will affect daily lives, so we feel that it should be a key focus for the residents' association's plans for the coming year.

We feel that, as a residents' association we can be in a stronger position together, to gain information on whatever plans are being made, and to be able to raise any concerns or objections.

Please click on this post to read a recent update from the Moss Side Councillors Team, and for links to view previous plans

Regeneration of Stagecoach/Bus Depot Site
The Moss Side Councillor Team have sent information to the Bowes Street Residents Group in response to concerns regarding the development of the Stagecoach bus depot site.