Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Bowes Street Bus Station - Housing Development

At our recent Residents' Association meeting, the future plans for development of the Bowes Street Bus Station site were discussed.

This development will make a big change to the neighbourhood and will affect daily lives, so we feel that it should be a key focus for the residents' association's plans for the coming year.

We feel that, as a residents' association we can be in a stronger position together, to gain information on whatever plans are being made, and to be able to raise any concerns or objections.

Please click on this post to read a recent update from the Moss Side Councillors Team, and for links to view previous plans

Regeneration of Stagecoach/Bus Depot Site
The Moss Side Councillor Team have sent information to the Bowes Street Residents Group in response to concerns regarding the development of the Stagecoach bus depot site.

Progress made
Following our last communication, the Councillor Team met with Officers and Mosscare to discuss the proposed plans.

We presented Bowes St Residents Association’s concerns, as well as our own, and this resulted in a new architect drawing up revised plans. Your feedback was important and was a key reason the team and the plans were changed.

The councillors say the basic elements of the new scheme are the same (extra care and medical facilities, apartments for private rent, and family housing for private purchase). We hope that our thoughts and ideas have been taken on board but we don't know for certain until the new plans are seen. We currently don't have a date for their release but we will circulate them/post them as soon as we have them.

Next steps
Once the plans have been submitted and initially approved, the resident’s consultation panel will be reconvened to discuss the plans and offer input.

After the panel have been consulted, there will be a wider public consultation on the plans and the site, and we strongly encourage people to respond to this. We will publish the details once this is open.

Cllr Sameem Ali –
Cllr Emily Rowles –

Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments, many we will continue to keep you updated as we progress.

The Moss Side Councillor Team

(please note that representatives may have changed and updated contacts for the councillors will be made available once they are confirmed)

The Proposed plans

The previous two bids/plans for the site were made available by the council in May/June 2015, and scans of these plans can be viewed at these links - it will likely be that these plans have changed in the meantime.

GallifordTry and Linden Bid
Rawlinson Bid

A summary overview of these bids has been put together by one of our residents, who would state that this view is their opinion and may be biased. The overview can be viewed here.

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