Thursday, 20 December 2012

'Your Square Mile' website launched for Moss Side & Hulme

Posted on behalf of Your Square Mile:

The Your Square Mile hyperlocal website for Moss Side & Hulme is now launched.

On this site you will find the film edited from the recent workshop, results from the surveys you completed, as well as photographs and information about the community projects nominated at the workshop. You will find up-to-date information about these projects, next steps to take and help needed.

We hope that it will be a space where the whole community can communicate.  

Here you will find:

  • Local Events Listings
  • A ‘Wall’ – a space where everyone can discuss projects, events and local issues and where you can post news.
  • Photographs and Videos, including the workshop film. You can upload photos and videos of your own
  • A way to contact Your Square Mile and other members of the community
  • Individual Project Pages with a forum to discuss them
Before you can get chatting, sharing, promoting your projects, please first register here by clicking on ‘Join Group’ in the top right hand corner of the page.

As you start to use the site, we will get a sense of how the community can best use it. If you think there are additional features that could be useful, please let us know and we will look to introduce these later.

This website is not intended to be a replacement for any existing local web-sites or other forms of local information in the area. Instead, we want to aggregate and promote any existing sites and communications.

We hope you enjoy exploring and using your Moss Side & Hulme website.

We wish you a very happy Christmas,

Emma Howard
Communications & Social Media Officer - Your Square Mile