Sunday, 28 April 2013

New committee

Congratulations to the newly-elected BSRA committee members who will be co-ordinating things on our behalf for the next twelve months. Please contact them through the blog or e-mail if you'd like to get in touch.

Chair:                                   Kath Cunningham (Cowesby Street)
Vice-chair:                            Jo Campbell (Hartington Street)
Secretary:                             Natalie Lewis (Hartington Street)
Treasurer:                             John Haines (Rosebery Street)
Communications officer:     Anna Mannion-Jones (Rosebery Street)
Committee member:            Dorothee Devouge (Beresford Street)
Committee member:            Neelam Zaka (Rosebery Street)

The next planned residents' association event will be a 'bring and share' alleyway barbeque on Tuesday 28th May - see you there!