Friday, 19 July 2013

Blog admin update

Hi all,

In response to points raised in the minutes of the last meeting I have archived past comments and turned off the commenting facility on the blog.

Everyone's voice is still equally valuable in our association, but we recently reached the point where comments on the blog no longer seemed the most effective way of having a constructive discussion, and sometimes it would be better to have a separate 'public face'. The main problem (which I know many people will not have realised) is that this blog does not 'belong' to the committee, and never has. I understand though that it has come to be seen as the official voice of the BSRA, so I agree it needs to change slightly in the way it's organised:

  • The blog will now be for announcements, news and features written largely by and on behalf of the residents' association committee. I have completely handed over my 'ownership' to them. Anything that you'd like to see shared with a wider audience can be emailed directly to This is also the best way of contacting committee members directly.
  • A seperate online discussion forum for neighbourhood issues will be launched shortly, for those of us (for example) not able to get to meetings or who just want to share ideas. Watch this space...
  •  The e-mail distribution list will still be used to share information.
    Join the mailing list by emailing :, but be aware that your replies will go to everyone, not just to the person who sent the original 
  •  You might also like to follow @moss_side on twitter. This is not linked to the committee.
However you choose to communicate, please bear in mind that we are a living, breathing neighbourhood community, and online comments are a poor substitute for talking face to face with another human being. The potential for misinterpreting someone's intentions or for taking offence where none was meant is massive. Be careful out there in the internet.

Ben Hill (129 Rosebery)
Blog Admin