Friday, 2 August 2013

Police advice on security and vigilance

At our last RA meeting (see minutes) , the Police Constable and PCSO Lee Harris talked to us about crime reporting in our neighbourhood and had advice for keeping safe and secure

More information can be found by clicking on this post

Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Reporting

Please report suspicious and anti-social behaviour to the Police non-emergency telephone number 101 and receive and incident number, this is anonymous (for more information on when to call 101, click here)

This could be (but is not limited to)

  • drug dealing
  • speeding
  • grooming
  • anti-social behaviour
  • excessive noise after 11PM

Action is being taken on anonymous reporting, but can only be taken after a number of reports have been recorded to build up evidence, so please continue to report incidents.

Noise issues should also be reported to Manchester City Council, so that they can investigate. 

The Caribbean Carnival may result in increased amplified noise in the area around the 10th August. The police have plans in place for extra patrols at this time.

Serious drug use appears to have dropped off in recent months in this area, but if you do find needles or syringes - do not move them, report to Manchester Council at this link, which has further information on what to do.

Keeping your home safe and secure

Warning about security
Warm weather has seen an upsurge in burglary and theft as thieves see opportunities. Residents are advised to keep downstairs windows closed if the room is vacant and at night, as this is an easy access for opportunist thieves. House burglaries in the area are most often occurring between 12pm-6am, so secure your home overnight.

Keys should be kept out of reach of doors or windows, and doors and windows should be securely locked overnight (double-lock doors using keys). Thieves may use tools to steal keys or open the door. Make sure your car keys are not accessible, as your car could be at risk.

Residents are warned that youths have been seen in the area checking alleys and cars for access and opportunity. If you see suspicious behaviour, report to 101. 
You should also call 101 to report a crime. If a serious crime is in progress, call 999.

PLEASE help yourself and your neighbours keep secure by ensuring alley gates are kept LOCKED

Don't be a target for thieves, keep valuables out of sight
This includes visible smartphones etc. when out and about.

Your local police team