Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Bowes Street Planning Application, suggested comments

A subgroup of residents met recently to discuss the plans and to raise some ideas for comments that could be made on the application, you may want to consider these when making your own comments.
You could also discuss these with the representatives tomorrow at the meeting

Brief Summary of Discussion and Actions

At the time of the meeting we were unaware that the council would arrange a consultation event (now scheduled for Wednesday, 19 October 2016 at Bowes St Community Allotment from 2 pm to 6 pm)

Michael Coates, who has some experience of the planning process, advised that the developers would have to respond to each and every issue raised by the local residents. It was therefore felt that rather than concentrating on one or two key issues, we should all write to the council about the issues important to us.

In order to aid this process it was agreed that the following list of potential issues should be circulated to the group:

  • Reducing the density
      • Our rough estimate has a density of 41,000 people per sq mile for the new development compared with 25,000 in Moss Side currently
      • We estimate up to 500 new residents with around 100 of these being children
  • Tenure
      • There were concerns that the mix of mostly private ownership would attract mainly private landlords
      • This could lead to a transient population, particularly in the flats, which could have negative effects on the established local community
      • It was suggested that restrictions could be placed on the purchases, similar to those imposed on the purchasers of the new Infusion Homes properties.
  • Saving the trees on Broadfield Road
      • The trees here are healthy and it does not appear from the plans that their removal is necessary
  • Creating more green/ communal space
      • The plans have no green spaces or communal areas
      • Concerns were raised about the number of children (estimated over 100) with no play areas
      • Linked to this were concerns about water run off and a request for permeable paving was made
  • School Spaces
      • With a large number of new children (estimated over 100) the impact on primary and secondary schools in the area is a concern
  • Concerns about usage of ‘café space’
      • The plans include 370m squared of café/ restaurant space.
      • Concerns were raised over the nature of the businesses. There were strong feelings against more fast food establishments and large chains
  • Traffic Calming
      • There are no measures proposed to calm traffic on Broadfield road
      • The measures proposed for Bowes Street (2 points where the road narrows) will not be effective when there is no oncoming traffic.
      • Traffic crossings on Bowes St were also suggested
  • Parking
      • There are no provisions for the people currently living on Bowes Street and parking their cars there
      • It was felt the 177 spaces would not be adequate
  • Workshop/ Community Space
      • A request was made for community/ workshop space- there seems to be little though as to how the new community will integrate with the old- this could be one way.
  • Policing
      • There were concerns about how the current policing provision would cope with this new influx of people
  • Refuse/ Pest Control/ Litter
      • There were concerns about how the current provision would cope with this new influx of people

Individuals are now encouraged to put concerns in their own words and copy the group (on the mailing list email) in so that we can share thoughts, ideas and even copy text where appropriate.

Comments should be made in writing to:

Julie Roscoe, Head of Planning, Building Control and Licensing
Stagecoach Development: Level 6 Town Hall Extension, PO Box 532, Manchester M60 2LA.

Include the Application number: 113982/FO/2016