Thursday, 22 November 2012

Alexandra Park restoration update

The following information is from Deborah Marsden at Manchester City Council:

Manchester City Council was successful in securing Heritage Lottery Funding for the restoration of Alexandra Park and during the last 12 months we have worked to appoint the contractors and a Design Team.

The work will start on site early in 2013, however, before this happens we need to:

  •     Open up the historic buildings to check their condition
  •     Survey the culvert which runs under the southern oval (near the pavilion)
  •     Carry out some controlled tree felling
What impact will this have?
Opening up the buildings will not have a major impact on the park, you may have noticed some architects and engineers entering the buildings already.

The culvert needs to be exposed in some areas, this will mean there will be areas of the southern oval fenced off while work takes place.  The oval will be returned to normal once the survey is completed.

The tree works are planned to ensure that all the work is carried out before the bird nesting season begins, and no later than the week beginning 10th December.
I would like to invite you all to an open day in the park on Saturday 1st December at the Children’s Centre in Alexandra Park from 11am until 4pm.  There will be an opportunity to look over the agreed plans for the park, talk to the lead designer and walk through areas of the park to get a more detailed understanding of how the park will look on