Thursday, 1 November 2012

Blooming Success!

Our lovely hanging baskets won a prize at the Royal Horticultural Society Awards! Paula went to the ceremony on behalf of the residents' association and wrote us the following report:

The Bowes Street Residents' Association held a hanging basket event in the summer. It was really well attended and the streets looked lovely with a burst of colour outsidethe doors. The plants and the compost were supplied to us through Manchester City Council via the Royal Horticultural Society.
Not long after our event, judges from the RHS came down our streets to see all the hard work from that day. We were entered into a competition and last Wednesday won our first award -  Level 3 in the ‘Developing’ category at the Royal Horticultural Society Awards held in Southport.

The next level in the competition next year is Level 4, then Level 5, ‘Thriving’ and ‘Outstanding’ categories. After that its fancy silver cups that can be won!

Representatives of our association have also been invited to a presentation event at Manchester Town Hall on November 14th - anyone who would like to attend, please say so in the comments below!

Our congratulations go also to Moss Side Community Allotment, who won in a different category.

Massive thanks to everyone who has helped make the neighbourhood look really great so far; plans are under way to revitalise our hanging baskets with donated winter bulbs to give us some colour during the colder months. Watch out for our 'Community Clean-Up Day' on the 18th!