Friday, 13 April 2012

Agenda for Tuesday's meeting

The (final) proposed agenda for the meeting on Tuesday is below - thanks to Jo L, Leah and everyone else who contributed comments and suggestions. Sorry if this seems a little late, I think once things are up and running it will be easier to organise this kind of thing in advance. 

We've tried not to overload the agenda and have incorporated some time for discussion about the general aims of the group. Its also quite broad (for example item 4 could incorporate several different ideas that people have raised).

Based on how this meeting goes we can tweak the format for the future. 

Tea, coffee and setting up from 6.15...

1. Introduction & meeting agenda

2. Intro to community groups (Phil Dodd from Cranswick Square residents' association

3. Discussion - purpose and priorities for the Bowes St. Residents' Group


4. Improving the local environment - establishing priorities, application process for available grant money, delegation of tasks

5. Establishment of a formal Constitution

6. Election of officials - Chair, Treasurer & Secretary (Possibly also Vice-Chair, Communications Officer etc?) and delegation of tasks

7. Any other business (please say so in advance if you'd like to contribute anything here)

Our local PCSO, Lee Harris, will also be around to introduce himself and offer any relevant info. I'll try and keep everything to time so we should be all wrapped up by 8.

Can't wait to see you all there!