Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fantastic turnout at this evening's meeting

Wow. You were awesome.

Thanks so much to the nearly 30 people who turned out to the inaugural meeting. I can now officially announce, hot off the presses, the freshly-minted and fully operational... (drum roll)... Bowes Street Residents' Association!

Thanks especially are due to Karl for arranging such a convenient venue, to Natalie for minuting furiously and reminding me what I should have been talking about, to Andy for triumphing over technology, to Jo and Leah for drafting the agenda and to everyone who contributed such great ideas.

The full minutes of the meeting will be circulated soon, but in the meantime here's a brief summary:

  • We voted to adopt a constitution and formally became a Residents' Association.
  • We elected Jo Laycock as Chair, Adele (sorry - don't know your surname) as Secretary and John Haines as Treasurer. In addition, Natalie Lewis agreed to assist with secretarial duties.
  • We discussed lots of great ideas about how improve our community - gardening/yardening, a community noticeboard, a Jubilee street party, communal bike storage, a local history project, engaging with local businesses and far more besides.
  • Our PCSO, Lee Harris, introduced himself and spoke about what support he could offer (e-mail him).
  • We agreed on a date for the next meeting (Tuesday 15th May) and discussed ways of communicating the agenda with the wider community.
Further details on all of this are to follow, and not necessarily from me - I'll be discussing handing over this blog to our newly-elected officers!